Sunday, November 28, 2010

Illusion of Gaia (Part 3)

Where were we, where were we? I was trying to wait a couple days in between posts so I didn't seem too eager and then I forgot and left it. U.U Sorry folks, but at least it wasn't five months or something. We left off with DINGB, fuck! I will get it down, Will leaving South Beach (or something named like it) and heading to a hidden village with the annoying princess girl and the equally annoying flower girl.

 And in the art of not trying to be like Zelda, we have flutes and a Sahasrahla lookalike.

Leading me to the village, aka, an empty feckin' mountain top, annoying flower girl yells to me to play my flute. Yes, my flute playing is the key into the village. Well, she'd be fucked if I wasn't there. >: | But okay, I played, and the village appeared with some cool effects for the SNES. Exploring, I found my grandparents. They were happy I wasn't dead but apparently content to just live on anyway. I explored a bit, found a new portal where I learned the skill Psycho Dash. That name sounds much cooler than it is. All you do to execute the Psycho Dash is hold down your attack button until you glow green and then you release it. And you just body slam stuff. It sounds much cooler than it is, but sadly, it's just a tap. But it blows up walls.

Exploring further, I ran down one cliff slop only to hit a jump and kareeeeem to the other cliff. Now, as cool as this was, and it was pretty flippin' cool, I must say, what is the point? Are bridges outlawed in our mountain top village? Seems like a danger. On the other side I found a ghost in the graveyard that suspiciously looks like the elder from Zelda 3. *narrows eyes* I'm on to you Quintet. Anyway, he told me that I really looked like my dad and blah blah blah some shit about statues. Taking the ladder away from Pedobe- I mean, ghosty man, I found a cave. Remembering back to the advice Gaia gave me about the Psycho Dash, I body slammed against every wall until I blew one up. And for my troubles, I found! Incan Statue A. What? Really? Not Incan Statue of the West? Or Incan Super Statue? Something? Please write something!

Please tell me those aren't what I think...

Telling annoying flower girl of what I found, she suggested we go to the Moon Tribe Camp. Okaaaaaaaaaay, sure. We head there quickly, and the first thing I saw was... sheet heads. Floating scream masks. You get the picture. But talking to them, they all say the same thing at least once, "Ku ku ku ....." Okay, what the fuck. Go back to ripping off Zelda, please. Ripping off the Ku Klux Klan isn't too bright. But since you're Japanese I can give it a pass... Nintendo of America published the US version? Oh fuck, you get no pass good sirs. Anyway, I had to fight and defeat a certain amount of enemies in a set amount of time to recieve... Incan Statue B. *sighs* Since part of the world is based on real history, you'd think they wouldn't strive so hard to pull that stuff out of their asses.

Yeah, guys, you're doo-doo faces. Going to save the world without me!

So anyway, after grabbing both statues, I'm told to put them where no wind can get them and shoved inside the latest dungeon. My first clue: "There was a tremendous wind at the Larai Cliff." Good to know. A foreword, I mostly liked this dungeon. I liked how it popped in and out of the mountain and the map design in general. I also liked the length. The first dungeon was short and nice, and this one is probably two-thirds to twice as long.

Mudmen and... Dart shooting faces... What?

If the first dungeon's monster's fit, then the second monster's are just plain feckin' weird. I'm starting to see a trend of WTF monsters. The mudmen are fine, I can understand what they are. But there are statues that just... rotate and then blow darts at you. They don't move, they just... blow.

And on that note, I'll leave it there for now. Another quick plug, if I may:

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